Driver Performance Assistant


  • Peterbilt’s Driver Performance Assistant (DPA) can help even novice drivers operate with the skill, productivity and fuel efficiency of seasoned operators. This in-dash operator coaching tool helps improve driver skill with real-time feedback on performance in areas such as braking, acceleration and shifting. DPA is standard with the PACCAR MX-13 and MX-11 engines on Peterbilt Models 579 and 567 with Eaton UltraShift PLUS, Advantage automated or manual transmissions. This includes the APEX powertrain for the Model 579 and Model 579 EPIQ.

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  • DPA is estimated to improve fuel economy by up to 5% by helping drivers coast more and use the brakes and accelerator more judiciously and with appropriate force. The system uses a reward-based system to help coach drivers and encourage them to improve their score each time they’re behind the wheel. The frequency of the coaching tips decreases as skill level improves (or, customers can choose to deactivate the system or only activate certain coaching parameters).

  • In addition to more skilled drivers and improved fuel economy, DPA can also help maximize component life by reducing wear and tear. For instance, drivers who are gentler on the brakes result in longer lasting parts and fewer service requirements.

    In addition to driving tips, DPA integrates with the optional Tire Pressure Monitoring System to remind drivers to keep tires properly inflated. DPA also reminds drivers to use the automated shifting mode when equipped with a compatible transmission.

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